Best Seat in the Haus

Best Seat in the Haus

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

Spring is a season of color and celebration. Flowers are blooming, the sky is brighter than usual, and you can even get great weather a few days in a row if you’re lucky. But, of course, there is nothing better than taking your dog on a walk and ending up at the Biergarten with friends on those good weather days.

Now more than ever, we value our time outdoors with friends and family. We may be biased, but we believe the Biergarten is a perfect meeting place because it has excellent food, is central for most, and offers the most fun. Where else can you walk up from the street with your fur baby and get great Bier?

Read on to see what makes the Biergarten the best place in Columbus to hang out this Spring and Summer. We can’t wait to see you here!

Best Seat in the Haus

Not to get all technical, but we believe our Grandview location is everything when picking a meet-up spot. Our location on Goodale Blvd in Grandview gives you walk-up access to the very best in the area. From the Biergarten, you have views of the Columbus skyline and are close to the nearby residential areas.

The Grandview area is also minutes away from significant sports and concert venues. This makes us ideal for a celebratory bier after a Crew or Clippers game or nightcap after a concert.

Here are a few more reasons to end up at the Biergarten this Spring and Summer.

We Welcome Four-Legged Friends

We Welcome Four-Legged Friends

Bring your fur baby with you to the Biergarten! We gladly welcome you and your dog to have a meal with us. We love to see our patrons’ photos with their dogs having fun in the Biergarten. We even have an Instagram account dedicated just to the doggies who stop by – hofbrauhounds614. Tag us when you post to see your dog featured on our pages.

We won’t promise viral fame, but we promise a great time. After all, sunshine and good people are ingredients for the “ulti-mutt” day out.

Columbus Beer Run 2022 – 80s Theme Party

The Columbus Beer Run is on June 4, 2022. The whole event, including the after-party at Our Haus is an 80’s theme party. Your wear your best 80’s-era garb, we’ll give you the cool t-shirt, music, and a unique 16 oz. glass. Best of all, there is bier featured throughout the 2.5-mile course.

Participants must Register Here and be 21 years of age or older on race day. If running is a bit much, you can also walk with your friends and enjoy the outdoors. We thoroughly suggest the Chicken Dance. It’s fun, easy to remember, and symbolizes our area. Please be advised that you must register to attend this event.

Our Partnership with KembaLive!

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with KembaLive! to hook our patrons up. So bring us your ticket to any 2022 KembaLive! and we will give you a free pretzel with Bier cheese. Who wouldn’t love a free pretzel with Bier cheese before or after rocking out to your favorite band?

You can also take advantage of our full-service bar in the Biergarten and maybe some shareable appetizers. We suggest the Yard Sampler which has a little something for everyone if you’re with a group.

Our entire menu is also available in the Biergarten anytime.

Kemba Live!


Perfect Pairings

Whether day or night in the Biergarten, we always have our complete food and drink menu available.

This month, we suggest having the Schnitzel Parmesan for lunch or dinner. We take a tasty breaded pork cutlet and cook it until crispy and golden. This is laid on a bed of our buttered Spätzle and topped with our Haus marina sauce. The dish is then finished off with provolone and parmesan cheeses.

The Schnitzel Parmesan just so happens to pair perfectly with this month’s Seasonal Bier, the Hopfen Spezial Pale Lager (5.8% Alcohol by Volume). This brew is a Pale Lager and is rich in hops. It also has a slightly higher alcohol content than most of our brews.

We’d also like to remind you that we have flavored Biers and a full-service bar with a great selection of libations. In addition, we have menus for Kids, gluten-free and vegetarian food offerings.

Versammeln Sich im Biergarten

The term above is German for “gather in the Biergarten.” Community and hospitality are at the heart of our German heritage. We are passionate about bringing these values to the community we serve and love to watch it at work in our Biergarten.

The Biergarten was a German creation birthed out of necessity. Back in the day, Biers were brewed and stored in caves to keep them cool in warmer months. Then, brewers set up tents to allow patrons to escape the sun and enjoy food and drink.

Over time, those Biergartens became gathering places for people of all backgrounds to gather and enjoy community. An afternoon or evening spent in the Biergarten is the perfect way to celebrate Spring and Summer.

Prost (cheers) to sunshine, great food, Bier, and friends.