Family Night at Hofbräuhaus

Family Night at Hofbräuhaus

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

Every month I strive to share how we bring our heritage of community and hospitality alive. Both are cornerstones of what makes Hofbräuhaus a great place to take your family to make some memories.

So, this month I got personal and took my family to my favorite German restaurant. Which is Hofbräuhaus, in case you were wondering.

I am happy to report that I made a 16, 14, and seven-year-old happy in one meal. My husband and I watched them try new food and learn about a new culture.

Read on to see what we ate, and learn why Hofbräuhaus may be the perfect spot for a family dinner.

The Cool Factor

There is a lot that goes into a good experience for teens. First, they want to go places they can talk to their friends about later and take great pictures. After all, if you don’t post about having a good time, did it even happen?

My teens are 16 and 14 and do not put their phones down. While it’s not a bragging point, I consider it a marker for how much they’re enjoying themselves. When they’re having a great time, the phones get put down, and conversation happens.

Both the 16 and 14-year-olds talked a lot, pointing out the décor, the family-style seating, and asking me about the menu. The chatter turned into helping their brother read the German numbers on the kids’ menus and posing for pictures without grumbling. Which, if you have teens, is quite the feat.

The teens also had a lot of fun looking out the windows and seeing Newport. We live in the ‘burbs, and it was a welcome night out. One that ended up in the gift shop checking out t-shirts, steins, and earrings.


Hofbrauhaus Columbus Family NightBefore we start, we have some vocabulary to learn. Bussin’ and Bussin’-Bussin’. My teens have assured me that this is the cutting edge in slang today.

Bussin’: An adjective typically associated with food. It means that something is excellent, marvelous, and unforgettable.

Bussin’-Bussin’: Also an adjective that is generally associated with food. Saying the word twice indicates that it’s the next level of good. Out of this world, if you will.

  • Relative terms are “bomb” and “bomb-diggity.”

Mid: An adjective used when things are mediocre or mid-level.

Trust me, nothing we ate was “mid.”

Our meal started with pretzels and Bier cheese appetizer, which went fast. I was honestly lucky to get a half pretzel. This classic appetizer gets a Bussin’ for its shareability and flavor. One can never go wrong with pretzels and Bier cheese.

Then there was the main event, our dinner.

Heidelberger Rahm Spätzle

I knew my husband loved this when he smiled while eating it. I, of course, had to taste it (for research) and confirm how delectable it is. The chicken is well seasoned, and the spätzle with it will take you on a journey. The Marsala cream sauce is just the right amount of creamy. We wish there were leftovers for this dish. It’s Bussin’-Bussin’.

Kids Hot Dog and Fries

Our seven-year-old and pickiest eater chose the hot dog and french fries from the kids’ menu. When asked for a quote about his meal, he said, “Everything that they served me was really good. When I first took a bite it was really good.”

The kid has excellent taste.

Pretzel Club and FriesPretzel Club and Fries

Both of the teens chose this entrée for the pretzel bun. No pun intended, but this sandwich is stacked with goodness. Black Forest Ham, smoked turkey, swiss, and cheddar cheeses are topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. It’s an excellent meal for Spring.

My teens loved the presentation and made sure to snap several pictures so their friends could see what they ate. After photographing their food, both girls were quick to tell us how good their sandwiches were. When asked for a quote, I was informed that the meal was “Bussin’-Bussin’.”

I have been assured that this is the highest compliment one can give food.

Dunkel Bourbon Burger

Burgers are one of my favorite things to eat no matter where I go, but let me tell you about my favorite one. The Dunkel Bourbon glaze that is used on this burger is downright heavenly. Of course, there is bacon, too, which makes it perfect.

I like to save the Bier cheese from my appetizer and dip my fries in it. You can thank me for this later. I am also letting you in on ordering our Monthly Season Bier, the Maibock Bockbier (7.2% Alc. by Volume). This is the perfect pairing to celebrate warm weather

After eating a fantastic meal and looking at the brewing tanks and décor, our server came by and offered us dessert. Keeping a spirit of adventure in mind and knowing how full we were, we asked for one that was good even when heated up later. His suggestion was the Apfel Strudel.

Eating this the next day was heavenly. The apple in the strudel mixes well with the raspberry and vanilla sauces. The combination is nothing short of decadent.

It’s Not Just Dinner

Hofbrauhaus Columbus Family Night

Now that we have teens in the house, we put a lot of thought into where we go as a family. We only have a few more years before this chapter of our family closes and opens on another. We want those years to be sprinkled with little moments my kids will talk about later.

It’s fun to go into Hofbräuhaus as a customer, knowing they operate on traditions like family and hospitality. So we invite you to come here for your next family meal.

As a Mom, I say Prost! (cheers) to having a meal with my family where phones were not the focus, and the food was Bussin’-Bussin.

To make your family memories of your own, have a meal in the Biergarten or a round of drinks. We are also available to host important events like graduation parties, birthdays, and rehearsal dinners. Our team provides you with a customizable bar and a large variety of menus to please any crowd.

You can genuinely give 300 of your closest friends and family the best in food, drink, and service.

Schönen Muttertag (Happy Mothers Day)!