Hofbrauhaus Columbus Bier List

Currently on Tap

Lager Full flavored German lager. 5.2% ABV
Hefe Weizen Fairly sweet wheat bier. 5.4% ABV
Dunkel Medium bodied dark lager. 5.5% ABV
Doppelbock Full bodied, caramel and toasted barley malt flavors and a hoppy finish. 8.0% ABV

Hofbräuhaus Columbus

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Hofbrauhaus Columbus Flavored Biers

Flavored Biers at Our Haus

Try them all and find your favorite!

We offer a selection of delicious flavored biers all year,
plus special flavors seasonally.

Be sure and ask your server what is available.

We’re sure you’re going to love them!

Hofbrauhaus Columbus flavored biers Hofbrauhaus Columbus flavored biers Hofbrauhaus Columbus flavored biers Hofbrauhaus Columbus flavored biers

Classic Bavarian Brews

Want to know the secret to our one-of-a-kind flavor? Our bier is brewed on-site every day using original recipes handed down by the Duke of Bavaria over 400 years ago. Today, our Brew Master oversees the brewing of our four year-round bier varieties, plus all of our seasonal specialties like Oktoberfest, Maibock, Pilsner and Dunkel Weizen.

Our biers are crafted strictly according to the German Purity Law “Reinheitsgebot” using only hops, malt and water. So, enjoy these fine biers in the Munich tradition, that’s easy on the palate, yet smooth and and refreshing.

Brewed under license and supervision of Staatliches Hofbräuhaus in München. Buy a liter of any bier and keep the stein only $12 additional.
Original Lager – (5.2 % Alc. by Volume) A traditional full flavored German Lager with a crisp finish. The bier Hofbräuhaus has been famous for since 1589.

Hefe Weizen – (5.4 % Alc. by Volume) A specialty born in Munich – loved by the world. A fairly sweet old-style Wheat bier brewed to create a wonderful combination banana and clove flavor and aroma.

Dunkel – (5.5 % Alc. by Volume) For centuries Munich’s favorite bier. Dunkel translates to “Dark” lager. It is medium bodied, easy to drink, with simple roasted malt flavor and slight caramel undertones.

Monthly Seasonal Bier

Be the first to try out our newest bier each month! Join us for our Keg Tapping Celebrations of the Seasonal Biers the 1st Tuesday each month at 7 pm.  We have the ceremonial keg tapping parade and you can get a sample of our newest bier! Bring the entire family and get ready for a great time.

January Bier – “Schwarzbier” Black Lager

A Dark Lager with an opaque, black color, and a full chocolaty flavor. Rich blends of caramel and chocolate malts create a malty, sweet flavor with moderate hop character. (5.5% Alc. by Volume)

February Bier – “Doppel Bock”, Bockbier

A rich, complex full bodied Double Bock Bier with dominant flavors of caramel and toasted barley malt and a fine hoppy finish. (8.0% Alc. by Volume)

March Bier – Märzen

Märzen is our “March” bier. This is an amber colored Bier with a rich malty character. There is a hint of hops and the overall profile is smooth and very drinkable. (5.8 % Alc. by Volume)

April – “Hopfen Spezial” Pale Lager

An Amber Pale Lager with a slightly higher alcohol level and a rich amount of hops. (5.8 % Alc. by Volume)

May – “Maibock” Bockbier

A rich, flavorful Bock to celebrate the coming of Spring. It’s noticeably malty and sweet, with a warming alcohol note. (7.2 % Alc. by Volume)

June – “Hopfen Weizen”

A Hefe Weizen with an aggressive hop presence. It has banana and clove characteristics complemented by earthy and citrusy hop flavor and aroma. (5.4 % Alc. by Volume)

July – “Pils” Pilsner

Golden in color, clean, crisp and refreshing but with a bit more hops added for a satisfying flavor. (5.0 % Alc. by Volume)

August – “Sommer Weizen

A darker, maltier version of the Weizen Bier with the same banana and clove characteristics. It’s less sweet, wonderful roasted flavor. (5.6 % Alc. by Volume)

September – “HB Oktoberfest”, Märzen

A flavorful Lager with a slightly spicy hint of hops in both flavor and finish. It is a little more full than our base Hofbräuhaus Lager. (6.3 % Alc. by Volume)

October – “Festbier”, Märzen

A flavorful Amber Lager with a slightly spicy hint of hops in flavor and finish. The Bier was made to celebrate the wedding of Prince Ludwig in this original form. (6.0 % Alc. by Volume)

November – “Dunkel Weizen”, Dark Wheat Unfiltered

A Wheat Bier that has a dark roasted malt base with the fruitiness of a regular Hefe Weizen. A brew so well balanced that both wheat Bier and dark Bier drinkers will love! (5.4 % Alc. by Volume.)

December – “Weihnachtsbier”, Märzen

Bring in the holiday season with our festive Christmas Lager. A flavorful malty, Amber Lager with a nice hop “spiciness” in the finish that will spread good cheer! (5.5 % Alc. by Volume)