Meet the Brew Master

Meet the Brew Master

The star of Hofbräuhaus is the Bier, and we’re okay with that. However, to be sure that our Bier is always at its best, we have our own Head Brewer, or who we affectionately call “the Brew Master.” This occupation has been taken from the hallowed grounds of Munich, which happens to be the first Hofbräuhaus.

Whoever is in this position must dedicate their time and efforts to providing our customers with the best Bier possible. The exciting part of this position is the dedication you must have to the product and the process.

Settle in as we talk to the Head Brewer for Hofbräuhaus Columbus, Jason Ryan, who gives us insight on himself and the position. Then, visit us online or in-person to learn more about our Biers menu, and have fun!

Master of the Brew

Hofbrauhaus Columbus BrewmasterFrom the buying of ingredients to how the final product tastes, the Head Brewer takes responsibility for that perfect liter.

To become a Head Brewer, Jason earned his Brewer’s Certificate from the Siebel Institute of Technology. This course gives insight into the Science and processes of Bier making. It also prepares future brewers to implement sanitation and high standards where they work.

Day-to-day, Jason is responsible for ordering the raw ingredients for each batch of Bier. He is also in charge of coordinating when to brew as well as keeping the instruments and machinery in proper working order.

Jason informed us that the entire brewing process could take about 40 days from start to finish, depending on the bier being brewed. A great deal of that time is the processing time for fermentation. After all, you can’t rush a good thing!

When asked what his favorite part of the process was, Jason informed us that he loves tasting (don’t we all?). A great-tasting Bier is a sure sign that he’s done an excellent job and that his customers are getting his best work.

Cleaning the place is also a part of the brewing process that Jason enjoys. The cleanliness of the tanks is paramount to making a great batch and keeping things sterile.

The Man Behind the Brews

Jason’s favorite menu item is the braised pork shank.

If you’re looking for your next favorite Bier, Jason says that the Original Lager is still his favorite.

When out with friends, Jason recommends taking your selfies in front of the brewing kettles or the bar. Be sure to tag Hofbräuhaus in those selfies so that we can see the fun you’re having. Share your selfies with us:

  • Facebook: @hbhcolumbus
  • Instagram: @hofbrauhaus_columbus

And, if you catch a picture of your best four-legged friend in the Biergarten, tag us! In Columbus, the pups of the Biergarten are always welcome and have their own Instagram page: HofbrauHounds of Columbus: @hofbrauhounds614.

When asked when the last time Jason did the Chicken Dance, he admitted it has been two years since he last clucked.

Prost, Jason!

We invite you and yours to enjoy our delicious biers. Each is made with care, passion, and love for Bier. Thanks to Jason and his hard work, we never have to worry about providing our customers with anything less.

If you would like to become a master yourself, join our Stein Master Club! As of the submission of this blog, there are limited spots available. Members of this exclusive club enjoy:

  • Free birthday draft (½ liter)
  • Stein locker
  • Lock with two keys
  • Hofbräuhaus ceramic stein (decorate it anyway you like!)
  • Exclusive bier pricing offers
  • So much more!

Thank you for joining us to raise a stein to the Master of our Brews here at Hofbräuhaus Columbus, Jason Ryan. Prost to Jason and his team!