We Bring You Good Cheer

Hofbräuhaus Biergarten Blog - We Bring You Good Cheer

By Rachel Gyarmati

We greet you with good cheer and all the thanks we can give this month by offering a holiday meal for you. Well, you would order it, and we would cater it, but we do that, and we want you to know!

With the weather changing and cozier times coming, it seems only fitting to move the party inside. This time of year also comes with the challenges of attending several events and hosting a few.

Our goal is to help those brave enough to host to provide great food for their guests, and that is easy to obtain. Enter our catering and takeout menu! This site is a great way to plan your spread with the options of your particular party in mind.

As a host, planning food can be stressful. There’s planning a menu, changing it, researching dietary needs, shopping, and, let’s not forget, the cleanup. Let us take something off your hands by helping you this holiday season.

Here are four reasons you should order your holiday meal through Hofbräuhaus Columbus.

1. Conversation Starters

Those planning on hosting the big turkey dinner this month or random holiday get-togethers over the next several weeks are looking for a flare to make their party stand out. Not that we’d ever tell you to name-drop, but we predict a pretty good response from your guests when you tell them that you’re having Hofbräuhaus Columbus cater your event.

Let us ease your mind if you’re worried about awkward lulls in conversation. Our appetizers and desserts are the perfect conversation piece. Those coming out of town will love the novelty of providing a Columbus staple and be impressed at the variety of food we offer.

Those who love finger foods will be excited to dig into our Fried Pickles. They’re popular with picky eaters like kids and are delicious.

If your soiree is on the fancier end, or you want a guaranteed hit, we suggest putting Spinach and Artichoke Dip on your menu.

You can’t go wrong with either.

2. Save Energy

Hofbräuhaus Biergarten Blog - We Bring You CheerOrdering from Hofbräuhaus Columbus can save you energy in two ways.

Clean Up: Let us make one thing clear. We love a great party (hello, it’s us), but we adore having less cleanup after.

Peace of Mind: Enjoying a party you host can be a considerable feat. Hosts are expected to provide refreshments, entertainment, atmosphere, and more. Why not gift yourself the opportunity to worry less this holiday season?

We know you’re a good host and want to make lasting memories with your guests. Free yourself up to do so by leaving dinner to us.

3. We Cater To You

Let us guess; right now, you think this is a great solution, but what about those with dietary restrictions or my budget? You may also wonder how much this is with delivery included.

Wonder no more, dear reader.

Dietary restrictions

Our takeout/catering menu has vegetarian options. Our regular menu also has gluten options and kid-friendly favorites to order from. We want your guests to feel seen and cared for as if they were in the Bier hall.

Please note: We do not encourage standing on sofas and your furniture to do The Chicken Dance, but your house, your rules.

We care about your budget.

Catering or ordering your holiday meals sometimes carries the stigma of spending much money or needing more food. Our ordering system puts you in control of your order. Hosts can control the meal like they’re in the kitchen with us. Here are some personalizations you can use on the ordering site.

  • Delivery or takeout
  • Headcount (each menu option shows you the number of servings per dish)
  • Event date
  • Dietary needs

This blogger loves this because I know about the menu if my guests ask. By the night’s end, you can be the Host or Hostess with the Most or Mostest (spelling pending).

Don’t tell us that it’s also not great that you can order holiday dinner in your pajamas or over the phone.

4. Amazing Leftovers

Our leftovers are second to none, especially the Bratwurst Chili, which can be frozen and sent back to college with one of the kids or with an out-of-town relative who misses Columbus.

The flavor lasts well because we use fresh ingredients. Our containers sent with you also make for great storage. Again, we like to prepare so you have time to relax, which is the most significant gift we can give.

Hofbräuhaus Biergarten Blog - We Bring You Cheer

Thanks to You!

As we dip our toe into the Holiday season, we thank you for your continued patronage this year. We genuinely appreciate your support and have been honored to share meals and fun moments with you.

We also thank our servers, bartenders, hosts, and countless other staff who truly dive into serving our guests with the highest quality at every level. And, of course, the City of Columbus continues to be a gracious home and fun place to live.

Happy Holidays, Y’all.