Vital Vocabulary

Hofbrauhaus Columbus Blog Vital Vocabulary

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

We here at Hofbräuhaus Columbus love to think we are a one-stop shop for all your dining needs – especially when they’re German. We have great Bier and fantastic food and have scoured the world wide web to bring you the most fun in German slang to liven up your next dinner here and possibly impress your server.

Plus, it’s always good to expand your vocabulary.

After all, it is the time of gathering, and with it comes the need for good conversation. We see conversation as a crucial part of dinner because it nourishes your heart and soul during a meal.

You can’t tell us that you won’t remember the dinner when

  • Your dad offers to buy you that first stein on your 21st birthday
  • The teens put down their phones and tell you about their favorite show
  • A family shares memories after a celebration of life
  • Speaking well wishes to someone before they leave town for their next adventure

We will not promise that any of the following terms and phrases will be life-changing, but we promise you’ll have fun saying these correctly and using them in the right circumstances.

Kick back and Gönn dir (treat yourself) to some Apfel Strudel and tuck into our excellent vocabulary lesson.

Hofbrauhaus Columbus Blog Vital Vocabulary

This Slaps

If you have someone young in your home, you have no doubt come across the term “slaps.” In English-speaking teen vernacular, slaps are the ultimate compliment and are usually reserved for food, music, and experiences.

Use in the wild: You have to get the Wurstplatte. It slaps.
Translation: You must sample the Wurstplatte; it’s divine.

We love the term slaps because it’s over the top and is usually said with great excitement. The German counterpart to this fun term is klatscht. Klascht can also be used to express applause or clapping.

Another term to make you hip with the kids is the word, Alter, the English equivalent of “bro” and its many forms. Think: bruh or brosef.

Alter and bro can be used in times of happiness or to express annoyance.

Annoyance: Alter! There’s only one pretzel left!
Translation: Hey, friend, let’s share the last pretzel so that we may both enjoy it.

Here is an example of how to use Alter positively:

Positivity: Alter! It’s the Chicken Dance! Get up here with me.
Translation: I love this song. Won’t you please join me?

Again, we cannot promise that your teen or young one will magically love you or use the interaction as a cornerstone, but they will remember you trying to connect. If it doesn’t go well, brush it off and try again later.

Work Your der Bierzeps

Those aged 21 years or over are invited to enjoy our extensive Bier selection and trust us, there is a lot to try. We, of course, ask that you enjoy responsibly and in moderation. After all, the most important thing going into the holidays is a healthy, happy, and safe you.

That being said, sometimes Bier guts happen. Germans lovingly refer to these rotund bellies as der Bierzerps. We usually wouldn’t include a borderline out-of-pocket for the dinner table, but it’s still fun.

der Bierzerps: Bier + biceps/ Bier biceps

For the record, we do not take responsibility for using this German term, but we do love the breakdown and practicality of it. Something to indulge in, however, is our Bier selection. The best way to break the ice with someone is to try a few new Biers together.

Here are our humble suggestions:

Festbier (5.9% ABV/21 IBU):  This month’s seasonal Bier was made in homage to the wedding that started the tradition of Oktoberfest. The recipe for the Marzen-style Lager leaves you with a beautiful spicy hop finish and is a great way to bring in Fall.

Hefe Weizen (5.4% ABV): The aroma of banana and clove from this Bier will make your mouth water. It’s a wheat Bier, and is a delight to drink.

Hofbrauhaus Columbus Blog Vital Vocabulary

A Turn of Phrase

Now that you’ve learned a few words let’s dive into some phrases. These should come in handy to help keep the laughs and fun going and even take charge of situations that may arise.

When the meals arrive at the table, and you’re ready to dig in, the right thing to say is “Lass uns essen” or “let’s eat!” This phrase is best when used to begin a large meal at an event.

That fact reminds us that you can book your next large meal or event here at Hofbräuhaus Columbus! Booking with us is easy and allows you to enjoy your party instead of working at it. Who doesn’t love that?

Our large Fall and Winter events are often hosted in a private room that we lovingly call “The Stube”, but can also be held in other areas as well. Susan, our Event Manger will happily work to accommodate up to 300 of your closest friends.

Perks of The Stube are:

  • Customizable full-service bar
  • A variety of menu to fit dietary needs and tastes
  • Views and décor that make for great photos and memories

You know we love a good party! Contact us today so we can help you plan yours.

Speaking of things we love, you know we must bring dessert. If you need a carryout Bavarian Cream Puff, you may say, “More dessert, please!” to your server.

If you wish to speak this in German, say, “Bitte mehr Nachtisch.” The cheerful tone of this phrase makes it fun to say and references dessert, making it vital to your vocabulary.

Komm Rüber

One of this blogger’s favorite phrases is Komm Rüber, which translates to “come on over.”

It doesn’t have to be Oktoberfest or a special occasion for you and yours to Komm Rüber. We will always have room for you at our table. As the holidays inch closer, we lean into this mission even more in the coming months.

Trust us, the holiday planning has been underway for some time to be sure to celebrate all the love and thanksgiving that the end of the year brings.

Prost (cheers)! To your new vocabulary! We will see you next month.