Oktoberfest pt. 2 – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest

Last time in the Biergarten Blog, we gave a rundown of the history of Oktoberfest. Long story short, what started as a royal wedding reception has grown exponentially into an annual international party.

We also learned that Oktoberfest moved from being celebrated in October to accommodate the number of people who attend. That’s right… the party got SO big that it needed better weather and lighting in order to keep it going. Now that’s a party with some pull!

This month, we dive into what makes our Oktoberfest in Columbus, Ohio, so unique to us. It is a festival that unites our community as we celebrate German culture at its very best. Read on for all the details on how to get the best out of Oktoberfest!

Party By the Numbers

Columbus Oktoberfest is held at the Ohio Expo Center and Ohio State Fairgrounds. This year it took place Thursday, September 10th through Sunday, September 12th.

Held at the Ohio Expo Center and State Fairgrounds, the space allows 100,000 square feet to party in rain or shine.

This year’s event featured a strongman competition with five events. All events either make use of bier materials or are ones that originated in the Germanic culture.

Those events are:

Keg Press: Contestants see how many times in 60 seconds that they can lift a keg weighing 175 to 225 pounds above their head.

Keg Hold: How long can you hold a full keg out in front of you? Compete against your fellow bier lovers to see if you can win some bragging rights! We’re sure that lifting those full steins in the Biergarten has prepared you for this very moment.

Keg Toss: This one is a doozy and will no doubt be fun to watch or participate in. Contestants throw a keg weighing 25 to 45 pounds as high in the air as you can. Whoever throws it the highest will be victorious.

Steinstossen (Stone throw): Participants throw stones weighing anywhere from 75 to 180 pounds to see who can throw them the furthest. This event was introduced as a field event in Germany in 1860.

Steinheben (Bavarian stone lift): Picture yourself lifting a stone weighing 508 pounds with just a handle! The competition lies in seeing who can lift this behemoth of a stone the highest.

If you’re not up for showcasing your brute strength, then there are other ways to enjoy the Germanic culture.

Oktoberfest goers were able to shop over 70 vendors offering arts and crafts and other goods. The wares offered range from Bavarian wreaths to locally sourced honey to nail stickers. There truly is something for everyone.

Party at Our Haus

Our doors are wide open for an authentic German experience with a great atmosphere to get our Oktoberfest on. We would love to see you and offer you the official dish of Oktoberfest (according to us), the Grillhendl.

Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest hat and bierThis favorite is sure to leave your tummy happy and full. The dish consists of a half chicken roasted in Oktoberfest style. This method gives the chicken a crispy outer coating and juicy, flavorful meat inside. Sides include fried cabbage and German potato salad.

Thalia, one of our servers, personally suggests the Braised Classic Pork Shank. It is slow-braised for hours and seasoned by hand. The large shank is accompanied by imported sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.

We tend to get a little bit excited about our monthly Bier offerings. However, our Oktoberfest Lager is one of our best of the year. It has a kick to it, that is, from the light hint of hops in this brew. It’s perfect for Oktoberfest or the cooler weather that’s fastly approaching this month.

There will also be a German Band who will bust out the tunes with accordions and, of course, a tuba. After all, the official soundtrack to Oktoberfest is anything with an oompah pah melody.

Happy Oktoberfest From Hofbräuhaus!

The true spirit of Oktoberfest is one of community and culture. It is a festival born out of the need to celebrate a union. It has morphed into an international phenomenon that brings together millions of people every year throughout the next two centuries.

Currently, Oktoberfest is celebrated throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Every country, of course, will put its spin on the celebration. What remains the same, though, is the fun, bier, and community.

We invite you to our Biergarten and hall to unwind and enjoy a fun experience no matter who you are. Yes, of course, The Chicken Dance and some lederhosen are encouraged.

Prost (cheers) to you and Oktoberfest!