Oktoberfest is In-Tents!

Oktoberfest is In-Tents

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

The end of Summer can only mean one thing here at Hofbräuhaus Columbus: OKTOBERFEST!

The best party of the year is about to be in full swing, and boy is it in-tents! (Get it, Bier Tent?)

Again, the jokes are always free people.

Around the world, millions of people from all walks of life will walk through Bier tents in different cities. Cities individualize their tents yearly with local art, food, and bier offerings, with Munich no exception.

Read on to see how Munich pulls out all the stops to ensure their tent-game remains the golden standard. Not to brag, but Hofbräuhaus Munich may have a massive role in keeping the Munich Oktoberfest an awe-inspiring experience.

Room for Everyone

Hofbräuhaus MunichWhat better time than Oktoberfest to see all (and we do mean all) of your friends in one place? The Hofbräuhaus Munich tent will hold almost ten thousand festival goers this year. That impressive capacity is the largest of all the Bier tents in the main celebration.

How does one fit 9,992 people (give or take) and create a unique experience for all who attend?

The answer: You create small experiences inside the larger one. Hofbräuhaus Munich is doing this by sectioning their tent into sections so guests can achieve maximum enjoyment. Each section of the tent may have its menu, drinks offered, and possible theme. Finishing details are often kept under wraps to keep the experience sacred.

Hofbräuhaus Tent Sections

  • Inside: 4,500 people
  • Outside: 3,022 people
  • Balcony: 1,518 people
  • Standing Room: 1,500

Oktoberfesthaus.com has given a great breakdown of the Hofbräuhaus and other significant tents at this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich.

  • It measures 269 feet in length and is 203 feet wide
  • It is the most enormous tent in this year’s festival
  • Only tent with standing room available

What makes these stats mind-blowing is that this is just one tent! The planning is undoubtedly a months-long process, and we raise Ein Prosit to those who plan and build our monstrous tent.

No Reservations Needed

With each larger brewery’s tent being an attraction unto itself, it’s no wonder that seat reservations must be made months in advance. Nine months in advance, to be exact. Those wanting to reserve a spot in next year’s Bier tent can mark their calendars for December when tickets become available online.

Oh, and we’ll be there too! We celebrate all month in honor of the year’s best party, and you are invited.

Lass uns Party marchen! (Let’s Party!)

Although the official Columbus Oktoberfest celebration is over, we are keeping our doors open for all who wish to observe Oktoberfest this year, both human and canine alike.

Our only caveat is that our canine friends keep their party in the Biergarten, where they will be welcomed with complimentary chilled water in a beautiful metal bowl. We also ask that humans be 21 or over to enjoy our Bier and do so responsibly.

Speaking of Bier, you have got to try our Oktoberfest Bier (6.3% ABV/35 IBU), which is this month’s Seasonal Bier. Let me tell you how flavorful the Bier is. It starts malty sweet and finishes with a punch of hops. That profile makes it the perfect drink to celebrate fall and Oktoberfest.

We must take a moment to remember the reason for this fantastic festival: love and unity. The first annual Oktoberfest was created to pay homage to the marriage of Crowned Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildberghausen. The original celebration also had horse racing and other games involved.

We welcome you to celebrate Oktoberfest this year with us in this spirit of love and jubilation. We promise fun, great memories, and so much more.

Happy Oktoberfest, Columbus. Come party with us, and don’t forget to brush up on your Chicken Dance.