Hofbräuhaus Columbus Growlers & Crowlers

Get Growlers & Crowlers At Hofbräuhaus Columbus

Whether you are a serious Bier aficionado or the casual bier drinker, Hofbräuhaus Columbus has Growlers and Crowlers for you.

Hofbräuhaus Columbus Growlers

A Growler is a 32oz or 64 oz airtight glass, steel, or ceramic jug that allows you to easily take your bier from one pace to the other.  Growlers are the oldest and most traditional way to take home draught bier.  Many consider a Growler to be a portable flavor-keeping keg. So yes, we offer amazing craft bier and really cool Growlers you can use to make your bier drinking experience even better.  You choose the craft bier of your choice, and we will take it from there.  We seal it and pressure trap the flavor.

Hofbräuhaus Columbus Crowlers

A Crowler is the bier transport companion to Growler.  It is the newest innovation on the craft bier scene.  A Crowler comes in a 32 oz. aluminum can.  It can be filled on a regular tap but requires a special capping once it has been filled with our amazing craft bier.  It makes the craft bier of your choice ready to go where you go.

Our Growlers and Crowlers give you the your favorite Hofbräuhaus craft bier ready to go in the container of your choice.  Don’t forget to check out our other Hofbräuhaus Columbus Clubs.