Dog Gone It!

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

After writing last month’s blog, I realized I needed help keeping up with my planner. When I asked my family, the only person who was free to help was my youngest child. While I was thankful for the sweet gesture, I was still hesitant. You understand why if you’ve had a seven-year-old “help.”

Then, I had one of those light bulb moments. Why not try this kid out on the blog for a bit? I’ll just have to help with research, writing, and editing.

Sochi, Author

Please be kind; this is her first time working with the public.

Without further ado, meet my sweetest girl, Sochi. She’s a rescue who loves kids and does a great job letting us know when someone is at our door.

Today she’s going to tell us about her plans for Summer.

Sun’s Out, Paws Out

I love the Summer. The pups are home, and I can go in the car more. The best part of Summer is when Mom and Dad take the pack to the Biergarten. I don’t get to go often because I “don’t listen well in public,” and I “bark far too much,” whatever that means.

When I do go, I’m blown away by the service. I get a free bowl of ice water every single time I go, and that’s so sweet. You can tell they love dogs here.

I was just told today that they love outside the Biergarten, too. Hofbräuhaus Columbus’s 10th year celebration just hosted a money raising effort for the hero pack Butterfly Paws. This hybrid pack of humans and canines work as therapy dogs at Columbus’s National Children’s Hospital.

Hofbräuhaus Columbus is also hosting the Beer Run in July, where dogs can have fun with their humans as they run and, of course, in the Biergarten afterward.

Start a Bark Chain

We encourage humans to start a bark chain, or “post, as you humans call it, showing you enjoying their pretzels. Double treats for you if a dog is in the picture.

I’m told this can be done on Instagram or Facebook. I can’t wait to see all my doggy friends and their humans doing good for the pups who need it the most.

Here’s where you can find us:

We cannot wait to see how much fun you and your humans have this Summer whenever you come. The humans here at Hofbräuhaus love showing off their canine and human guests.

Chase Hofbrauhounds

Zoomies in the Haus

Did you know there is a party here on the first Wednesday of every month? This is a humans-only event in the Bier hall, where a barrel of that month’s Seasonal Bier is tapped.

There’s a mini parade with our Haus musicians, and they let the humans dance on benches.

This month’s bier is the Hopfen Weizen, or “Hoppy Wheat” Bier. My humans (the ones over 21) like to drink theirs in the Biergarten and share appetizers. I can smell a lot of citrus and a base of wheat, and I feel like it would also have a hop-forward flavor.

Thank you for reading my first blog. I can’t wait to see you guys in the Biergarten this Summer. I hope you have a pawsitively fun summer.