Deutsche Dogs

Hofbrauhaus Columbus Deutsche Dogs

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

Part of the fun of this blog is finding small ways to express our heritage in the real world. Today, we will give your family and friends time to play while you chow down with your furry friends in the Biergarten.

The game is German dog breed spotting. Now, we know what you’re thinking…

“I don’t know German dog breeds. How will I play this game?”


“What does one do to celebrate seeing a German dog?”

Well, we have you covered. Whether you want to win the game or increase your knowledge of Man’s best friend, our guide to some of our favorite dog breeds will help. We’ll even throw in some recommendations (German, of course) for snacks and drinks to enjoy while you win bragging rights.

Hofbrauhaus Columbus Deutsche DogsPoodles (yes, poodles)

Germany isn’t the first place that comes to mind when mentioning poodles. They are, after all, the National Dog of France. Today, we were also years old when we discovered this.

Here are a few more facts about this super fancy pooch.

  • There are three sizes of Poodle: standard, miniature, and toy
  • Rembrandt’s self-portrait has a poodle in it.
  • Elvis’s favorite gifts to give were poodles
  • Poodles have no fur; it’s hair
  • Originally a hunting/retrieving breed

The fanciest dog on the list should be celebrated with our fanciest dessert, The Bavarian Creme Puff. The buttery, flaky pastry and homemade creme combined give a comfort food feel to this dish. It’s not too bad to look at, either.

If you’d like your dessert to go from fancy to downright luxurious (and you’re over 21), we recommend pairing your creme puff with a raspberry bier. This flavored bier option is perfect for brightening the first few chilly days in the Biergarten.

We don’t like to make promises we can’t keep, but we can guarantee some FOMO-inducing pics for your socials. #goals #biergarten #germanpoodles

Hofbrauhaus Columbus Deutsche DogsDachshunds

Talking about German dog breeds without including the noble Dachschund would be disrespectful. This breed is so ingrained in the culture that it was one of the official mascots of the Munich Olympics in 1972.

The Dachshund’s most apparent feature is its cute teeny legs and long body. Its quirky body and playful attitude will surely provide any dog parents with years of joy.

Like the Poodle, this German hound is more than just a cutie.

  • Dachshunds have one of the best senses of smell because their noses are close to the ground.
  • They’re great badger hunters. They’re not afraid to fight badgers if the need arises.

If you spot a Dachschund in the wild, celebrate in the Biergarten with some Bierwurst. This stick-to-your-bones meal features two grilled Bratwursts with sides of mashed potatoes and imported sauerkraut.

Hofbrauhaus Columbus Deutsche DogsGreat Danes

Great Danes are a majestic breed. Their height is the most striking thing at first sight. They can weigh 100 – 120 pounds and stand 30 – 32 inches tall. These measurements (according to the American Kennel Club) classify the Great Dane as a “giant breed dog.”

Here are some attributes that make the Great Dane a great dog to make part of your family.

  • Great Danes are good with kids
  • They are loyal and will protect their humans
  • Marmaduke is one of the most famous
  • Great Danes live between 8 and 10 years, sometimes as long as 12.

Great Danes aren’t just good family dogs. The breed has become popular with city dwellers, who own the dogs for companionship and protection.

What is a great celebration drink for those 21 or older after spotting a Great Dane? We suggest our Seasonal Bier, the Märzen (5.8% ABV/22 IBU), for your consideration—the medium body and delicate sweetness pair well with almost anything.

Soak up the sun.

Although we’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg regarding dog breeds, we hope we’ve given you some information to play your first round of “Spotting German Dogs.”

The Biergarten will be open in the next few weeks to welcome pooches back with a complimentary bowl of our finest water. Be sure you’re tuned in to our socials to see when to stop by.

Speaking of social media, be sure to tag us when you’re in the Biergarten with your furry bestie so we can repost! We love seeing our community have fun. See you in the Biergarten!